Kitchen and Bath Remodel

We specialize in Kitchen and bath remodel for St. Paul and its surrounding communities. A home is, most importantly, your personal sanctuary. But it is also an investment, probably the most expensive asset you own.

Professional Experience Step by Step

A kitchen and bath remodel are two of the most common and effective interior home improvement strategies to increase the equity of your property. When a kitchen and bath remodel is designed to reflect a modern or unique look, the home will increase in value.

Every step of kitchen and bath remodels must be done correctly in order for the end result to be something you’re happy with. A flawed project will end up costing you financially, both as a lost home improvement investment and reduced home equity.

Planning, design and construction should include the solid experience and skill of a professional.

Remodeling Needs and Wants

A good place to start with kitchen and bath remodeling is to think about how your current kitchen or bathroom is not meeting your needs and wants.

Make a list of all the function, style and amenities you desire … and then prioritize them.

Prepare a Remodeling Budget

When remodeling a kitchen or bath, a fundamental and necessary part involves establishing an approximate budget. Keep in mind that a good half of your budget is going to go towards finish materials.

The good news about bathroom remodeling is that it is fun and can be done with a lot less money than other rooms.

Maximize the Value of your Home

It’s important, as your home ages, to maintain and improve your largest and most valuable investment. When it comes to recouping your remodeling investment, a kitchen and bath remodel project almost always pays back 90% or more of their costs.

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